Book Pricing Details

Picture Book Illustrations

For picture books:

1 page illustration $____*

Double page (spread) $____*

Vignettes $____*

The total price includes sketched storyboard and picture book dummy.

*Option: Black and white illustrations cost less. A double page black and white illustration is also lower in price.

Chapter Book Middle Grade Illustrations

For Chapter Book and Middle Grade:

1 page black and white $____*

Double page (spread)

black and white $____*

Vignettes $____*

The total price includes sketches and optional captions.

*Option: Color illustrations. They are higher in price. FYI: Double page color illustrations also have an additional printing cost.

Pricing varies. It's also dependent on the medium, size of canvas, and the detail of the artwork.

The Medium

Sometimes, the illustration medium is chosen by the story. Those stories that entail a natural setting may be best illustrated with organic material. An organic visual interpretation relates better to such a story.

In my chapter book, MOUSE ADVENTURES 1, ADOLFO AND ATHENA, I chose hand drawn, full color pencil and ink illustrations for the best visual impact to a story about forest animals.

Besides pencil and ink, other options you may choose are: acrylic, oil paint, oil pastels, watercolor and mixed media. The more the detail, the larger the canvas.

I create digital illustrations. For digital illustrations, I begin with pencil sketches. These, I photograph and use as the bones of the digital work. Sketches organically ground an illustration; the result is a softer and more natural illustration.