What's New

June 2021

This is called glass painting. It uses glass paint for best effects. The design is sweet and romantic. Something that brings Spring to mind.

June 2021

This is the original illustration I created as a template for the glass painting on the left. I made this illustration for Sanora, a kind stranger who donated glass sheets for my projects after she learned I used found glass to create art.

August/September 2020

The image carousel introduces a new illustration portrayed in 4 different forms.

The Artist began with a sketch titled: The Faerie Moth.

She then, created a full color digital illustration of the faerie.

Once again, she altered her image. This time she created a laser cut illustration of the Faerie Moth done on wood.

Lastly, the artist altered the sketch again and created a watercolor on laser cut wood Faerie Moth.

July 2020

The image carousel introduces new illustrations; the work emphasizes color and depth.

Two of the images are of historical importance. One is in relation to children in the pandemic and how they cope by imitating their new adult heroes. The other relates to the hope for a new generation of children. A hope that corrects our "white" history and tells it from multiple viewpoints, including those by people of color.

The other two images are fantasy. During this time of isolation and lock down, my heart and hands felt the need to bring visual beauty and comedy into our world.

In Chile, Chileans dance a traditional dance called La Cueca. My parents used to take me to these dances all the time. I faintly remember the energy, colors, and excitement. It's quite a popular dance during Fiestas Patrias, the yearly national independence celebration on September 18th.

Mom spoke about her town. How the town folk would set up numerous canopies on the beach. The musicians played their music under the cool shade of the canopies, while families danced and ate the traditional chicken stew; a merry time in the small pueblo of Antofagasta, Chile.

The illustration depicts two dancers in traditional costume. You can view La Cueca in action below: Campeonato cueca huasa Paine 2020

August 2021

Glass painting titled: Summer Dancers. One of my favorite pieces ever --large, shiny, brightly colored, fun theme of lovers.

September 2021

Cowgirl Boots! A blood red moon, cactus pear, howling wolf, and the North Star --a recipe for being Texas.

Art piece design: watercolored laser cut wood.

January 2022

Titled: Fairy Moth Cara Sunshine. Digital art.

February 2022

Titled: Kenzie's Fairy Moth Celestual Luna. Digital art.